Audley Jarvis takes a closer look at Sony’s flagship APS-C mirrorless camera

Product Overview

Overall rating:

Sony A6500

AWB Colour:8/10
Dynamic Range:9/10
Image quality:9/10
LCD viewfinder:8/10


  • - Fantastic image quality
  • - Extended memory buffer
  • - Powerful 5-axis in-body stabilisation
  • - Highly customisable


  • - No in-camera raw processing
  • - Memory card access can be fiddly
  • - Focus Area options could be more streamlined


Sony A6500 review


Price as reviewed:

£1,500.00 (body only)

Sony A6500 review – Autofocus

Fast focusing is vital for pet shots

As with the A6300, the A6500’s Fast Hybrid AF system employs 425 on-sensor phase detection points combined with 169 contrast-detection points. The phase detection AF points each occupy a single pixel and cover almost the entire sensor with only a narrow border (that is slightly more pronounced at the sides) left uncovered, with the contrast-detect AF points covering approximately 70% of the frame. The way it basically works is that phase detection points are employed first, with the contrast detect points then fine-tuning the initial result. This all takes place within a claimed time of just 0.05secs, making the A6500’s AF system the fastest on the market at present.

Focus mode options include the regular trio of AF-S, AF-A and AF-C, supplemented by a Direct Manual Focus (DMF) mode that is particularly useful for macro work, and regular Manual focus. Focus Area options are extensive (perhaps even overly so) and in addition to Auto AF, Zone AF and Centre AF there are also three sizes (S, M and L) of Flexible Spot AF and three sizes of Wide Area Flexible Spot AF that can be positioned anywhere using either the D-pad or the rear touchscreen. Rounding things off are a generous range of AF tracking options along with the portrait-specific Eye-focus AF mode that was introduced with the A6000.

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