With a 20.3-million-pixel APS-C sensor and a brand new 16-50mm F/3.5-f/5.6 kit lens for around £350, is the Samsung NX3000 the best value NX camera yet? We find out in our Samsung NX3000 review

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Samsung NX3000

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Samsung NX3000 review


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Samsung NX3000 review – Resolution, Dynamic Range and Noise

Samsung NX3000 review – Resolution

As you can see from the resolution charts at ISO 100 the NX3000 resolves a large amount of detail, on a par with many APS-C sensor DSLRs. Detail reproduction is very good right up to ISO 800. Thereafter, the detail in JPEG images starts to become broken down by the in-camera noise reduction.

Samsung NX3000 review – Dynamic Range

The NX3000 has a respectable dynamic range of around 12.7EV. But due to the metering exposing for maximum highlight detail, shadow detail was often blocked up in the JPEGs in high contrast scenes. By using the sliders in Lightroom and/or shooting +1EV, much more detail can be gained from an image.

Samsung NX3000 review – Noise

Images up to ISO 800 show a small amount of luminance noise. After ISO 1600 raw images show some luminance noise while the JPEG images are mostly noise-free. However, this is at the expense of a lot finer detail due to the in-camera noise reduction. The detailed areas appear mushy as the noise reduction starts to become stronger further up the ISO sensitivity range. The raw files can be processed in Lightroom to achieve much more detailed results.

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