With a 20.3-million-pixel APS-C sensor and a brand new 16-50mm F/3.5-f/5.6 kit lens for around £350, is the Samsung NX3000 the best value NX camera yet? We find out in our Samsung NX3000 review

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Samsung NX3000

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Samsung NX3000 review


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Samsung NX3000 review – Build and Handling

Compared to its predecessor the NX2000, the NX3000 is fractionally smaller and lighter. Weighing just 230g without the battery and measuring 117.4 x 65.9 x 39mm, the NX3000 is easy to carry. Of course, with a protruding 16-50mm lens attached it’s not going to fit inside a trouser pocket. However, it’s small enough not to take up too much space inside a camera bag.

As the NX3000 doesn’t have a touchscreen, many of the settings are changed with physical controls. There’s a d-pad on the back which doubles as a scroll wheel, and four controls are around it – delete, playback, main menu and a function button. The function button takes care of the majority of commonly used settings including AF area, metering, White Balance and ISO.

The NX3000 shares the same DRIMe IV processor as the NX Mini. When writing raw+JPEG images simultaneously this processor is very slow, taking anything up to a couple of seconds before the camera can be used again even with a class 10 card.

What’s instantly noticeable is the NX3000’s retro styling. Samsung itself quotes the camera’s finish as ‘premium vintage’. The body has a silver top and a leather-styled textured front available in either brown, white or black that wraps around the handgrip.

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