As well as being compact and stylish, the Samsung NX300 has a new 20.3-million-pixel sensor and AF system, comprehensive built-in Wi-Fi and tiltable touchscreen. Read the Samsung NX300 review...

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Samsung NX300 review


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Samsung NX300 review – Built-in Wi-fi

Wi-Fi has received a lot of coverage in camera tests recently, but it deserves mention here due to the number of possibilities in the NX300. First, the support has been improved, with dual-channel (band) IEEE 802.11b/g/n rather than the IEEE 802.11n in the NX210.

Autoshare is new in the NX300 and automatically loads images to a paired device. Also new is Near Field Communication (NFC) – a technology that provides a more straightforward Wi-Fi connection between NFC-enabled devices such as cameras, tablets and smartphones. There is also a new app, called Samsung Smart Camera, which covers both existing Mobile Link and Remote Viewfinder apps.

With Samsung’s electronics background, it is hardly surprising that Wi-Fi, on the whole, works very well in the NX300. There is a bit of a lag in the display of Remote Viewfinder, and I had trouble making a direct connection in some situations with a Motorola phone, but this proved easier with an iPhone/iPad and no real issues at all with a Samsung phone. There is a drain on the camera battery, though, which is a problem given that the battery life is modest already.

Image: This set-up shows the Remote Viewfinder app, through which control of the camera can be taken using a smartphone or tablet

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