With a 20.3-million-pixel APS-C-sized sensor inside a light DSLR-styled body, is the Samsung NX30 the camera to provide competition to the likes of Olympus, Panasonic and Sony? Callum McInerney-Riley find out

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Samsung NX30 review


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Samsung NX30 review – White balance and colour

There are ten white balance settings, comprising automatic white balance, daylight, cloudy, fluorescent white, fluorescent NW, fluorescent daylight, tungsten, flash, custom and a setting that allows users to set the colour temperature manually. All these settings have the ability to adjust them for correction or artistic effect. The bias between amber, blue, green and magenta can also be adjusted.

Overall, I found the colour rendition of the Samsung NX30 to be very good, producing well-saturated images with punchy colours. On occasions, particularly with very bright and vivid subjects, the saturation of the scene appeared to be a touch too strong. I found adjusting it in Picture Wizard or in post-production achieved an image that better reflected the scene.

The Picture Wizard menu has nine presets and three custom settings that allow users to set image styles such as retro, landscape and vivid. These can be adjusted in colour, saturation, sharpness and contrast.

Image: Overall the colour rendition of the NX30 is great. However, some images appear over saturated. Thankfully this can be corrected in-camera or in post.


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