With a 20.3-million-pixel APS-C-sized sensor inside a light DSLR-styled body, is the Samsung NX30 the camera to provide competition to the likes of Olympus, Panasonic and Sony? Callum McInerney-Riley find out

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Samsung NX30 review – Dynamic range

In scenes with a high level of contrast, the Samsung NX30 does a good job of capturing a good balance between highlight and shadow detail. In testing, the sensor recorded 13.49 stops at ISO 100, which is a very impressive dynamic range for any sensor

Using the supplied copy of Adobe Lightroom 5, I previewed some of the images with the highlight/shadow clipping warning on. I found that only in challenging conditions did the images have blown-out shadow or highlight detail. In addition, a lot of detail can be brought back by adjusting the highlight and shadow sliders in Lightroom to give images a dynamic range boost.

Dynamic range boosts are also available in-camera in the form of two separate automatic settings. These are Smart Dynamic and HDR mode. The Smart Dynamic mode takes an image and lightens/darkens the shadows/highlights to optimise the dynamic range. The HDR mode blends three separate exposures and processes them in-camera.

Image: A ISO 100 the NX30 has a dynamic range of over 13-stops of light. This allows users to capture a great range of tonal detail.

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