Samsung’s new NX210 takes the 20.3-million-pixel sensor and high specification of the NX200 and adds the key new feature of Wi-Fi

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LCD, live view and video

Although the Samsung NX210’s 3in AMOLED screen is only 614,000 dots, images look superb. The dots are in a PenTile arrangement, which means each row is interlaced like a brick wall rather than in a matrix. The result is that the screen shows smooth colour gradations, and the AMOLED technology makes it very bright.

My only criticism would be that Samsung didn’t take this opportunity to upgrade the screen to an even higher resolution or an articulated version, like that on the NX20. An articulated screen would be a really great addition to this camera, and I am sure we will see one in a future version.

As in the NX200, the NX210 offers 1080p HD video capture, including in-camera stereo sound recording.

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