Samsung’s new NX210 takes the 20.3-million-pixel sensor and high specification of the NX200 and adds the key new feature of Wi-Fi

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Samsung NX210

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Samsung NX210 review


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There is very little physical difference between the NX200 and NX210, other than a revised program dial that now includes a Wi-Fi option, and the redesigning of two other icons.

The camera’s metal construction is one of the reasons we like the NX200, and this is true again of the NX210. All the buttons are logically placed, and there is direct accessto the most used functions.

Hitting the Fn button displays an on-screen menu that shows nearly all the shooting settings you would wish to change, including AF options, metering and image quality. Samsung has also paid attention to the look of the menu, which is not cluttered.

My only slight complaint with the NX210 is that the hand grip could be a more contoured shape. While it’s not uncomfortable to hold, it could do with a few grooves to allow fingers a more snug fit.

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