With its 20.3-million-pixel APS-C sensor, Samsung’s slim compact system camera certainly raises the stakes. We find out what the NX200 has to offer advanced photographers

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Samsung NX200

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Samsung NX200 review


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White Balance and Colour

The auto white balance mode copes well with most situations, from indoor tungsten lighting to bright sunlight, leaving a neutral coloured image. However, in shaded areas colours occasionally appeared slightly cool compared to the shade setting. The range of presets covers most light sources, including three fluorescent settings, and the custom setting is extremely handy for studio or colour-critical work.

JPEG images are processed to what I would class as ‘print ready’ in the standard colour mode, with rich and deep colours, although not overdone. There is a range of eight additional colour settings from vivid to classic (monochrome), as well as three custom settings with adjustment of colour, sharpness, saturation and contrast for each.

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