With its 20.3-million-pixel APS-C sensor, Samsung’s slim compact system camera certainly raises the stakes. We find out what the NX200 has to offer advanced photographers

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Samsung NX200

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Samsung NX200 review


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The samsung NX200 is proof that compact system cameras should be taken seriously as alternatives to DSLRs because images from this camera outresolve even the likes of the Nikon D7000 and Canon EOS 7D. The NX200 feels solid and operation is speedy for a camera of its size. However, it only has one custom button and lacks the quick function buttons of a DSLR. Autofocus may have been improved from the NX100, but in low-contrast scenes it still struggles to lock on, which precludes fast-moving subjects. Landscape, portrait and macro photographers will have no issues, though.

Apart from the three pancakes and the kit lens, optics can seem oversized on the camera, leaving the weight uneven in the hand. In practice, most photographers will opt for the smaller units while having the larger lenses available, means, should the subject demand it, the system can still deliver. It is a shame Samsung hasn’t updated the slightly outdated rear screen. Equally, the lack of even a hotshoe EVF may be a sticking point for some, especially at this price. If you’re looking for a reliable second camera that is able to match your DSLR’s quality, the NX200 is very tempting.

Samsung NX200: Focal points

AMOLED screen
The 640,000-dot screen is more than sufficient for viewing, but lacks the vari-angle mount, extra-high resolution or touchscreen technology of other cameras

Rotating dial
This can be used to quickly adjust the aperture, shutter speed or a range of other functions, including menu navigation

The hotshoe allows the attachment of the included flashgun or more powerful external flashgun devices, although not an electronic viewfinder

Thumb grip
Along with the front grip, the thumb grip helps to provide a sturdy hold of the camera despite its slim dimensions

i-Function 2.0
The i-Function button allows the focus ring of the lens to be used to adjust a range of additional functions, including aperture, white balance and ISO

Function guide
When an exposure mode is selected, the monitor screen displays some basic information regarding its use for new users to get to know the camera better

Magic frames
Magic frames provides a series of scenes into which your new image can be placed, including a newspaper front page, a TV set and a billboard advert

Smart panel
Accessed by pressing the Fn button, this quick menu provides access to all the main shooting functions in one go with a graphic display


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