Samsung’s new top-end compact system camera is the first to offer an online connection for photographers in the field as well as at home, but does this built-in Wi-Fi have any real benefits?

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Samsung NX20

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Samsung NX20 review


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Set up in the popular style, and very much in line with other cameras aimed at the middle-range enthusiast, the NX20 produces images fractionally lighter than those that suit my own taste. However, I was able to tame them with an almost permanent -1/3EV position in exposure compensation. In all metering modes the camera creates bright, clear exposures that will find favour with most people. What is more important, perhaps, is that the metering system is entirely predictable and performs as expected every time. When it is fooled it is in situations in which you know it will be fooled – and by how much – and the exposure compensation button is expertly placed to encourage users to play some part in the creation of their images. There are 221 metering segments across the screen and spot mode can be linked (or unlinked) to the AF point.

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