Samsung’s new top-end compact system camera is the first to offer an online connection for photographers in the field as well as at home, but does this built-in Wi-Fi have any real benefits?

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Samsung NX20

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Samsung NX20 review


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White balance and colour

I have always been impressed with Samsung’s colour rendition and white balancing in its NX and GX products, and the company has done nothing differently in the NX20.

Shooting in daylight mode produces an excellent realistic impression of the colours in any situation, and the auto mode does a decent job of correction when needed.

The fixed modes, such as tungsten and cloudy, are good starting points for conditions that can’t be tied to specific colour temperatures, and throughout this test seemed well balanced and capable of dealing with all but the most extreme situations. Each preset allows manual colour shifts to suit personal tastes, and the custom white balance setting is quick to use and in the main very good.

Image: Custom shooting adjustments allow users to create their own colour, saturation and contrast styles

Samsung produces moderate colours by default, but offers a wide range of tailoring for colour hue and saturation, as well as contrast and preset Picture Wizards should you want something different.

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