Samsung’s new top-end compact system camera is the first to offer an online connection for photographers in the field as well as at home, but does this built-in Wi-Fi have any real benefits?

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Samsung NX20

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Samsung NX20 review


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LCD, viewfinder and video

In previous NX classic models the electronic viewfinder and rear screen have been fine for general use, but low resolution has made manual focusing and focus checking in captured images difficult. I find it amazing still that a company that produces some of the best screens in the smartphone market thinks it is fine to use low-resolution panels in its imaging devices.

At the last IFA electronics show in Berlin, Germany, the NX200 suffered the humiliation of being the product with the lowest screen resolution on the Samsung stand, and the NX20 suffers that same fate. The screen is improved somewhat, as is that used in the viewfinder, and a boost in contrast and the way the screen is layered has made a significant difference to the appearance of detail and the usefulness of the two panels when it comes to fine work. However, neither compare to the screens
of Samsung’s own Galaxy S and Galaxy Note phones.

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