Samsung’s award-winning NX10 compact system camera has been updated. We look at the improvements made in the NX11

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To bring the camera into line with the NX100, the NX11 features an improved AF system. In practice, I found that although the NX11 was slightly faster than the NX10, it makes very little difference to the performance of the camera. This is not really an issue, however, as the NX11 is not designed for taking fast-moving action shots. Continuous AF is reasonably fast for a contrast-detection AF system, and while it may be fast enough to photograph children playing, it is not designed for sports photography so these fast-moving images are more hit and miss and will require careful timing.

There are three different sizes of AF point that can be selected, with 195 selectable points available when it is set to its smallest size. There are no AF points in the areas to the left and right edges of the frame. Although occasionally annoying, it isn’t a significant issue as your subject will, for the most part, be in the centre of the frame.

Like most compact system cameras, the NX11 features an automatic magnification mode when manual focus is in use. When the focusing ring on the lens is turned, the live view or rear screen automatically shows a magnified view that allows for very precise focusing. If the focusing ring isn’t turned for a second or two, the screen or viewfinder returns to the full view for framing. It is a great feature that allows for precise manual focusing.

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