Samsung’s NX1000 entry-level compact system camera costs less than its counterparts, but still packs a 20.3-million-pixel sensor and Wi-Fi compatibility. Read the Samsung NX1000 review...

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Samsung NX1000

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Samsung NX1000 review


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Instead of a 614,000-dot AMOLED screen as in the NX210 and NX20, the NX1000 has a 921,000-dot TFT type. An AMOLED screen is supposedly a brighter type, but I still found the NX1000’s LCD screen perfectly adequate for all but extreme bright conditions. It will be interesting to see if Samsung introduces touch functionality to the LCD screens of its NX cameras, and whether the articulated screen used in the NX20 will find its way to the compact-style NX models. I am sure users would appreciate either or both of these functions, especially given the relatively high price of the camera. In this respect, I feel the camera lags behind some of its competitors.

Given its size, it is no surprise to find that there is no built-in viewfinder on the NX1000. There is no accessory port, either, which means an EVF cannot be used. Video capture at 1080p full HD is possible at 30fps, 25fps and 24fps, with stereo sound.

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