Samsung’s NX1000 entry-level compact system camera costs less than its counterparts, but still packs a 20.3-million-pixel sensor and Wi-Fi compatibility. Read the Samsung NX1000 review...

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Samsung NX1000

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Samsung NX1000 review


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Image: Using raw capture is essential to get the most out of the NX1000. Here, the dynamic range and colour tones have been captured well.

Like its counterparts, the NX1000 has a dynamic range of approximately 11EV at ISO 100, which is solid if unspectacular for a camera at this level. The camera does not offer a HDR mode to extend the dynamic range, although auto exposure bracketing up to ±3EV is possible. The use of a tripod is ideal in this mode as the three frames are captured one after the other, and the files require blending post-capture to combine the extra tonal information.

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