Samsung’s NX1000 entry-level compact system camera costs less than its counterparts, but still packs a 20.3-million-pixel sensor and Wi-Fi compatibility. Read the Samsung NX1000 review...

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Samsung NX1000

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Samsung NX1000 review


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Using the camera to shoot a sports scene, I found fast and erratic movement definitely beyond its capabilities. Without lock-on tracking for continuous shooting, don’t expect the camera to cope with rapid movement. However, at this level the camera is not really designed for this use, and its intended audience should find the contrast-detection AF system snappy for everyday scenes.

The camera features single, continuous and manual-focus modes, the last of which provides focus magnification, which is extremely helpful in bright weather given that the LCD screen must be wholly relied on for viewing and composing images.

Handily, in spot AF mode, the size of the spot area can easily be adjusted and reduced, for a more precise area, down to approximately 4% of the frame.

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