Samsung’s NX100 is impressively compact and stylish, while maintaining the APS-C-size sensor found in the NX10

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Samsung NX100

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Samsung NX100 review


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LCD, Viewfinder and Video

Samsung NX100As with all compact-style CSCs, the most significant issue here is the fact that the NX100 lacks a viewfinder. A 201,000-dot EVF is available as an additional extra, which has 98% coverage and 0.83x magnification, as well as -4 to +1 dioptre adjustment.

Samsung has kept the same 3in, 610,000-dot, AMOLED screen in the NX100 that is found in the NX10, and I found it to be bright and it feels durable. I used the NX100 in a variety of settings, including bright sunlight, for Live View composition. I also found that the LCD was clear when reviewing images. The screen gets dirty quite quickly, but it is still bright enough to be viewed in strong light through fingermarks.

Video users will find that the NX100’s video mode ticks all the right boxes, but without offering anything to place it a cut above the competition. The 720p HD video produces crisp images, although audio is restricted to built-in mono with no external microphone port. Some basic movie edits are available, such as being able to trim clips and the option to select a visual fade in and out for any scene.

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