Samsung’s NX100 is impressively compact and stylish, while maintaining the APS-C-size sensor found in the NX10

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Samsung NX100

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Image: In this tricky high-contrast scene, the evaluative metering produces pleasing results similar to those of spot metering

I found the evaluative metering to be an intelligent system. There is a gradual change in metering to suit sky and land priority in landscapes, and it was only when I was facing more tricky lighting scenes, or when I wanted to ensure the mood of a scene was captured, that I opted for spot metering. Metering is accessed through the function menu on the camera body or via the main menu, which is quite a slow way to access it, but exposure compensation is placed next to the thumb to the right of the AMOLED screen, which can act as a quicker option to spot metering.

Spot metering is of the fixed centre type, although the exposure lock (AEL) is conveniently next to the right thumb so the scene can be composed again by depressing the AEL button. I find fixed centre spot metering a little restrictive, particularly when shooting a landscape on a tripod, as the tripod and camera have to be moved and the scene composed again. Generally, the metering works well and is reliable in a variety of settings.

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