Meet the world’s smallest and lightest interchangeable-lens camera, the 20.5-million-pixel Samsung NX mini. Read the Samsung NX mini review...

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Samsung NX mini review


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Samsung NX mini review – Build and handling

Available in multiple colours at launch, the magnesium-alloy frame of the NX mini is covered in a leather-look tough plastic, giving it an instantly stylish finish, but the lack of actual leather or even a leatherette-type material prevents a premium feel. Don’t be fooled by commentators online or even Samsung’s own description of the camera, many of which I’ve seen describe the body as being ‘bound by natural leather-like material’. Only the feeling of cool metal on the NX mini’s top-plate reminded me that I was holding an all-metal-bodied camera and not a plastic one.

At 119.4mm wide, 61.9mm tall and 22.5mm thick, and weighing 196g body only, the NX mini is petite indeed, making less of an imprint in your pocket than most current flagship smartphones. It slips into a pocket quite easily, even with the 9mm f/3.5 prime kit lens attached. However,

your pocket will need to be a little deeper if you choose to buy it with the 9-27mm f/3.5-5.6 (24.3-72.9mm equivalent) collapsible zoom lens.

The forward-flipping motion of the camera’s 460,800-dot (320×480-pixel-resolution) LCD screen is assured and positive, with the graphical display flipping instantly once in position. Some of the button placement is a little frustrating, though: direct link is positioned too close to the power button and movie record is directly under your thumb at all times. I accidentally pressed each of these buttons regularly while testing the NX mini.


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