Could the 20.3-million-pixel Samsung Galaxy NX with Android operating system change the way enthusiast photographers use and think about their cameras? Read the Samsung Galaxy NX review...

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Samsung Galaxy NX review


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Samsung Galaxy NX review – Viewfinder, live view, LCD and video

At 4.77in, the screen on the Galaxy NX is the biggest found on any compact system camera to date. It has the same 720p resolution as the Samsung Galaxy compact camera, which makes it class-leading in terms of resolution. While fingerprints on the touchscreen were impossible to avoid due to its size, they thankfully presented no problems when shooting.

In use, the Super Clear HD LCD is great in both bright sunny conditions and in low-light situations. I was very impressed with the viewing angles offered by this screen and how well it prevented reflections.

On occasions where I found myself shooting in really challenging situations, such as harsh sunlight, I opted to use the built-in electronic viewfinder. This viewfinder is clear, responsive and offers an approximately 100% field of view. However, the proximity sensor that shuts off the main LCD and activates the EVF has a frustrating delay. I found myself putting the camera to my eye and waiting nearly 1sec before anything were visible through the EVF. If a shot needs to be taken quickly, I found it best to stick with the LCD.

The Galaxy NX outputs video in full HD at 1920×1080-pixel resolution at 25fps, and is also capable of shooting 50fps, which is good for slow-motion, although the resolution is cut to 1280×720 pixels. The ability to use touch AF in video is brilliant, although the sounds of the lens motors are unfortunately picked up by the in-built microphone.

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