Could the 20.3-million-pixel Samsung Galaxy NX with Android operating system change the way enthusiast photographers use and think about their cameras? Read the Samsung Galaxy NX review...

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Samsung Galaxy NX review


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Samsung Galaxy NX review – Dynamic range

Image: More detail can be resolved by processing the raw files with the supplied copy of Adobe Lightroom

Previewing the histograms of images I took in Lightroom showed that detail in shadow areas was rarely blown out and plenty of detail remained in both the shadow and highlight areas. In a variety of situations I found the Galaxy NX to strike a great balance between highlights and shadows, even in high-contrast scenes. Using the supplied Lightroom 5, I was able to lighten shadow areas in raw files and pull back a lot of detail.

Samsung provides two different dynamic range settings in the Galaxy NX. The Smart Range+ is an in-camera dynamic range optimiser that lightens shadow areas while preserving the highlights to allow a boost in tonal detail. The HDR mode, on the other hand, takes three images of varying exposure and stitches them together in-camera. This is an automatic setting so unfortunately it cannot be adjusted. Thankfully, both of these options give a nice subtle boost to the images and complement the scene.

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