Could the 20.3-million-pixel Samsung Galaxy NX with Android operating system change the way enthusiast photographers use and think about their cameras? Read the Samsung Galaxy NX review...

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Samsung Galaxy NX review


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Samsung Galaxy NX review – Samsung photo suggest app

Pre-installed on the Samsung Galaxy NX is an app called Photo Suggest. This shows places of interest near your location and suggests things to photograph. The in-built GPS needs to be active and a Wi-Fi or 3G internet signal needs to be obtained to allow the app to work. It will then pinpoint your location on a map and pull images that have been taken by other photographers from Panoramio ( The user-uploaded content is only as good as the photographers, but around central London there were plenty of good-quality images to look at.

Once you find an image you like, a button on the left side of the screen creates small thumbnail previews in the camera screen to allow you to replicate it. If, like me, copying isn’t your thing, this app is still great for gauging what the generic shots are and seeking out a fresh angle. In more rural areas, the standard of images tends to be quite poor, although it does give a sense of what the landscape is like. Using this app, I found out there was a lake in the middle of a forest that I previously didn’t know about, so it has its advantages.

Image: With the addition of Adobe PS Touch for Android and using the 4.77in LCD display, it is easy to process an image in-camera and upload it straight to the web

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