It’s a tiny, 12.4-million-pixel compact system camera with a range of six lenses, but what advantage does this offer the enthusiast photographer? Read the Pentax Q10...

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Pentax Q10

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Pentax Q10 review


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Pentax Q10 at a glance:

  • 12.4-million-pixel backlit CMOS sensor
  • Customised Quick Dial
  • 5 frames per second continuous shooting
  • 3in, 460,000-dot LCD screen
  • JPEG and DNG raw capture
  • 58x102x33.5mm size
  • 200g weight (with battery and memory card), 180g body only
  • Street price around £379 with 5-15mm lens

Pentax Q10 review – Introduction

When Pentax released its Q system in 2011, it was the smallest and lightest compact system camera in the world. The design of the camera is simple, showing a fairly classic style but with a full complement of shooting modes and all the features one would expect from an entry-level DSLR. There is a catch, however – the Pentax Q is able to be so small because it uses a standard-sized compact camera sensor, which is tiny when compared to the APS-C and even four thirds-sized sensors used in other CSCs. As such, the Q’s image quality is much more like that of a consumer compact camera than it is a typical CSC.

In September last year, Pentax announced the second camera in the Q system, the Pentax Q10. Although this new model is based largely on the original Q, a few new features have been included. I was interested, then, to take a second look at the Q system, to see whether this updated model can really be a useful tool for enthusiast photographers.

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