The Pentax Q may be the smallest interchangeable-lens camera, but there is more to this model than just its size and retro charm

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Focus modes are simply labelled as MF/AF, although within the AF menu is tracking, 25-point, centre spot and face detection AF modes. The manual focus assist (2x and 4x magnification) is useful given the poor LCD screen. Generally, the contrast-detection AF is very responsive, which, along with the rapid shutter response time, means that once ready to shoot, the Q is quick to operate.

A smaller sensor (and lens) is less able to capture light, and in this context the AF system is more likely to struggle in low light. As I would expect, the Q hunts for the focus point in the low light of a tungsten-lit room, but is not unusually slow compared to similar systems at this level.

 Image: Once the image has been sharpened, detail like the blades of grass is crisp

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  2. 2. Features
  3. 3. Lenses
  4. 4. Build and handling
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