The Pentax Q may be the smallest interchangeable-lens camera, but there is more to this model than just its size and retro charm

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Image: In this scene of high contrast, I opted for evaluative metering and exposure compensation to make sure the white of the building was not overexposed.

It is fairly standard these days for a camera to include spot (centre), centreweighted and multi-segment metering, and that is the case here.

In situations where there is a wide dynamic range, such as on a sunny day with shaded buildings, the multi-segment metering tends to overexpose a little for detail in shadow areas, which can result in the whites of clouds in the sky burning out.

By and large, though, sticking with the multi-segment metering will cover all circumstances. For complex situations where the metering system struggles, tweaks can be made to the exposure using the direct control for exposure compensation, which is next to where the thumb naturally rests.

  1. 1. Introduction
  2. 2. Features
  3. 3. Lenses
  4. 4. Build and handling
  5. 5. White balance and colour
  6. 6. Metering
  7. 7. Autofocus
  8. 8. Dynamic range
  9. 9. Noise, sensitivity and resolution
  10. 10. LCD, viewfinder and video
  11. 11. The competition
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