The Pentax Q may be the smallest interchangeable-lens camera, but there is more to this model than just its size and retro charm

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At the time of writing, there are five lenses in the Q system. The camera comes supplied with an 8.5mm (47mm equivalent) f/1.9 AL [IF] standard prime lens, suitably numbered 01. Also available is a 5-15mm (27.5-83mm) f/2.8-4.5 standard zoom (02), for £279.

The final three lenses are described as ‘toy lenses’, and consist of a 3.2mm (17.5mm) f/5.6 fisheye (03) at £149, a 6.3mm (35mm) f/7.1 wideangle (04) at £129 and a 18mm (100mm) f/8 telephoto lens (05), also at £129. The company states that more lenses will be released in the near future.

Each toy lens is light, and complements the compact body beautifully. It does mean, however, that these lenses do not contain any real glass. As a result, and as their name and price suggest, they are for fun rather than optimum image clarity. Each lens is a little soft, but when used with the quick-dial digital filter effects, such as toy camera and vintage colour, they replicate the Lomo and Hipstamatic effects.

I can imagine these lenses becoming something for collectors, rather than those seeking image quality.

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