The Pentax Q may be the smallest interchangeable-lens camera, but there is more to this model than just its size and retro charm

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LCD, viewfinder and video

Unsurprisingly, the Q is not large enough to include a viewfinder of any kind, although the hotshoe port will take an optional optical viewfinder, which we have not tested.

A 3in LCD screen with 460,000-dot resolution dominates the back of the camera. For a good part of my testing of the Q, I was outside in the sunshine. Unfortunately, even at its brightest setting the screen is a little dull, which can make viewing images and menus very difficult. Given that all the toy lenses are manual focus, this can be an issue.

The manual focus assist (at 2x or 4x) can be activated in either manual focus or autofocus, and is useful for increasing the likelihood of sharp subjects, although a further check is needed to be sure via image playback and zooming right in. For those likely to use the Q in bright daylight, the optional viewfinder should be considered.

Full HD (1920×1080-pixel) videos at 30fps in are recorded in 16:9 aspect and MPEG-4 format. Audio is recorded in mono, with no option for an external microphone.

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