The Nikon Z7 exceeded our expectations and then some. Now it's time to find out if the Nikon Z6 is an amazing all-rounder. Michael Topham puts one of the first samples in the UK to the test

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Nikon Z6

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Nikon Z6 review


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Nikon Z6 Review: Viewfinder & Screen

The similarities between the Z 6 and Z 7 Nikon Z 7 extend to the rear of the body. The Z 6 has an absolutely superb 3.6-million-dot EVF with 0.8x magnification, which displays comprehensive shooting information against a black background above and below the preview image. The EVF has a refresh rate of 60fps, displays a clear and sharp image and is noticeably superior to the A7 III’s electronic viewfinder when you compare them side-by-side.

Nikon Z 6

The EVF is a delight to use when you’d like to review images in bright conditions. It offers an accurate preview of how aperture affects depth of field and faithfully displays exposure, white balance and colour so you can be confident that what you’re seeing is a true representation of how the image will look. Nikon DSLR users who have been used to optical viewfinders over the years can’t fail but to be impressed by how good the Z 6’s EVF is.

The screen is the same 2.1-million-dot touchscreen that you get on the Z 7. It tilts 90° up and 45° down for waist-level shooting, but can’t be pulled out to the side to aid with portrait shooting from difficult shooting angles. This is where mirrorless cameras like the Fujifilm X-T3 and Canon EOS R have an advantage.

Nikon Z 6

The screen is a nice slimline unit and adds very little depth at the rear of the camera. The sensitivity and precision of touch control is excellent when you’re navigating the main menu and you’ll rarely select the wrong setting from the ‘i’ menu as the icons are fairly large. Moisture can play havoc with the operation of some touchscreens, but this isn’t an issue on the Z 6. Using the camera in the rain revealed the touchscreen operated no differently when it had water droplets on its surface than when it was dry.

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