The entry-level J1 compact system camera has fewer features than its V1 sibling, but is around £270 cheaper. We find out whether the J1 is, pound for pound, the better camera

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Nikon 1 J1

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Nikon 1 J1 review


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White Balance and Colour

Skin tones are natural while the AWB does a good job at providing neutral tones

Colour has been sensibly managed in the J1 to deliver bright, punchy results without veering towards an overly saturated image. The picture modes include a powerful vivid mode and a neutral mode for flattering tones, alongside monochrome, portrait and landscape options.

All these can be fine-tuned for sharpness, contrast, brightness, saturation and hue to meet specific colour needs, while the custom settings can be loaded or saved to a card for use on Nikon 1 cameras.

White balance is well catered for, with six presets that are all adjustable, and a custom reading option, although the auto white balance gives a neutral result in most scenes.


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