Every now and then a camera comes along that challenges our ability to accept a new concept. The Nikon 1-series V1 is just such a model, says Damien Demolder

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Nikon 1 V1

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Nikon 1 V1 review


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White balance and colour

I’ve been pleased that in a camera designed to impress the masses, Nikon has managed to avoid making colours oversaturated and bold for that instant impact so many manufacturers believe people want.

When the white balance is accurate, you’ll find the relationships between the colours in pictures are accurate and believable, too. There are no powerful reds and overbearing greens, although should that be desired there are customisable picture modes that will provide them.

Image: Colours are well controlled in the default setting, with moderate saturation

I spent most of my time shooting with the white balance set to daylight, and in direct sun the setting proved itself. Options for shade and overcast proved not to suit the conditions quite so well, with a dank yellow/cyan cast rather spoiling things.

This can be adjusted in-camera with an advanced colour-shift chart where users can add or subtract colours to their heart’s content. This seems a somewhat complex and sophisticated piece of software for the masses, but useful to those with an eye, nonetheless.

I was very pleased with how easily and quickly a custom white balance can be made and applied. With the menu selected, a picture is taken of a white or grey object and the process is quickly completed.

Image: The in-camera black & white mode seems to make most use of the green channel

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