Featuring a revamped 1-inch CX-format 18.4-million-pixel CMOS sensor with fast read out the new Nikon 1 J4 delivers continuous full resolution shooting up to 20 frames per second. But can its performance match its speed? Jon Devo finds out.

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Nikon 1 J4 review


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Image Quality

Nikon 1 J4 review – Resolution

In our tests, the Nikon 1 J4 managed to resolve a maximum of 26 lp/ph at ISO 160, dropping to 20 lp/ph at ISO 12800, this level of resolution performance is about what I would expect from a camera of this type.

Nikon 1 J4 review – Dynamic range

I was surprised to see how limited the dynamic range performance of the Nikon J4 is, only managing 10.86EV at its base ISO sensitivity and beyond that, it’s outperformed by Samsung’s cheaper and smaller NX mini. Very little detail is retained in shadow or highlight areas, particularly in medium to high contrast scenes.

Nikon 1 J4 review – Noise

Up until ISO 400 noise is handled perfectly fine, but beyond ISO sensitivity 800, images begin to lack detail due to aggressive noise handling. Even without the damaged caused by JPEG compression and in-camera noise, I wouldn’t recommend trying to shoot anything much beyond ISO 800.

Nikon has done well to deliver double the maximum ISO sensitivity range of the older J3, but I would describe ISO 3200 – 12800 as unusable.

Noise, resolution and dynamic range charts will follow shortly…

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