Featuring a revamped 1-inch CX-format 18.4-million-pixel CMOS sensor with fast read out the new Nikon 1 J4 delivers continuous full resolution shooting up to 20 frames per second. But can its performance match its speed? Jon Devo finds out.

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Nikon 1 J4

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Build and handling

Sporting a slightly more refined body with a metal exterior and available in a range of colours, the J4 definitely attracts admiring glances, which is a good or a bad thing depending on where you are.

It’s clear that it has been designed to appeal specifically to style-conscious image takers. At 99.5mm x 60mm x 28.5mm and weighing 192g it is fractionally smaller than its predecessor and only 47g heavier than Samsung’s current flagship smartphone, making it a perfectly compact size for coat pockets and carrying around your neck all day. The J4 may be petite, but it feels very well crafted and sturdy.

Some may find the lack of a handgrip an issue, as there is only a small lip for a thumb to rest on and absolutely nothing but the camera’s smooth, flat surface on the front. I did find the camera comfortable to hold however, so this didn’t bother me.

In keeping with its minimalistic design, there isn’t much in the way of physical controls on the J4, just a mode dial, menu, playback, a multi selection wheel, delete and a dedicated movie record button. However, there is also a bright 3-inch 1.037-million-dot touchscreen, with swipe and pinch-to-zoom functionality.

I found the screen relatively easy to use in bright sunlight and highly responsive, featuring touch AF area selection and shooting.

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