The second generation of the Nikon 1 brings a higher-resolution screen and a new creative mode. Mat Gallagher finds out what the changes mean for the J2. Read the Nikon 1 J2 review...

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Nikon 1 J2

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Nikon 1 J2 review


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Using a combination of phase-detection pixels and contrast detection means the Nikon 1 J2 should benefit from both speed and accuracy. In terms of speed, it compares well with other CSCs. However, the benefit of the phase detection seems to be small. The system still appears to employ the same forward and back process that is typical of contrast systems, which can take a couple of seconds to lock on, and in low light the AF can struggle to find focus. Once locked on, though, results are very accurate. The control of the AF point in manual point selection is easy using the multi-controller, while the face detection and tracking options work well.

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