The Leica M10 refocuses on what really matters to stills photographers. Michael Topham tests the latest model in Leica's famous M-system to find out if it performs as well as its price suggests

Product Overview

Overall rating:

Leica M10

AWB Colour:9/10
Dynamic Range:9/10
Image quality:9/10
LCD viewfinder:8/10


Leica M10 review


Leica M10 review: Introduction

At a glance:

  • 24-million-pixel full-frame CMOS sensor
  • Leica Maestro-II image processor
  • ISO 100-50,000
  • 5fps continuous shooting
  • +/-3EV exposure compensation
  • Compatible with Leica Visoflex (Typ 020) electronic viewfinder
  • Built-in Wi-fi connectivity
  • £5,500 (body only)

One of the many pressures put on camera manufacturers today is the need to overload new models with all the latest technology to make them appeal to a mass-market audience. One camera that did just that was the Leica M (Typ 240). Successor to the iconic Leica M9, it aimed to update Leica’s traditional and much-loved recipe with modern-day features such as live view, clip-on electronic viewfinder, USB interface and full HD video. Some of these features were genuinely useful, but if you asked any purist of what they thought to the direction Leica was taking with their latest digital M-system rangefinders, they’d tell you adding video didn’t feel like the right way to go.

The M10 was paired with the Leica Summilux-M 35mm f/1.4 ASPH FLE for our product images

Rather than adopting the same approach as other brands, many Leica users felt they should focus on creating what they’re best known for – a legendary M-system stills camera and one that shares all the hallmarks of a traditional analog M-series cameras. It has taken a few years, but the manufacturer seems to have listened to its users and taken this feedback onboard. With their latest release, Leica has created a rangefinder that should not only satisfy brand-loyal users who desire the best build quality, but also purists who’s sole interest lies in stills photography.

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