Leica’s compact system camera has finally arrived, but how will Leica users feel about the 16.3-million-pixel Leica T (Type 701) and its radical design and handling? We put it to the test

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Leica T (Type 701) review


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Leica T (Type 701) review – Metering

Image: The multi-field metering did well to balance the exposure in this high-contrast scene

The Leica T (Type 701) has spot and centreweighted metering, as well as evaluative (or, as Leica calls it, multi-field). I used the Leica T in bright sunlight and very dark, overcast conditions, taking a variety of shots, and the multi-field metering produced excellent results almost without exception. The metering will take highlights right to the point of clipping, which means that while midtones are generally well exposed, shadows are sometimes quite dark, which creates a good level of contrast between highlights and shadows. I was very impressed with the metering and I would imagine that those who shoot JPEG images can rest assured that they can probably leave the camera in multi-field mode and just occasionally add ±0.3EV where needed.

Image: The in-camera black & white high-contrast mode produces lovely results. Note that the metering takes the highlights right to the point of clipping

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