With a hybrid viewfinder and a new colour filter array on its 16.3-million-pixel sensor, Fujifilm’s highly anticipated X-Pro1 compact system camera is more than just a pretty face

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Fujifilm X-Pro1

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I had high hopes for the Fujifilm X-Pro1 when it was announced and, having tested it, I am pleased to say that I am not disappointed. Like the company’s own X100, the X-Pro1 does have its quirks, and aspects such as AF speed could be improved, but it handles extremely well and is a pleasure to use. In fact, the main strength of the X-Pro1 has to be its combination of easy handling and the amount of detail it can resolve.

The X-Pro1 has a sense of the familiar. It may not have all the scene modes or creative picture styles of other digital cameras, but it doesn’t need them. It is a camera that has clearly been designed with a particular type of photographer in mind, and Fujifilm has done an excellent job of meeting their demands. The amount of in-camera control over the colour and contrast settings is excellent, although it is the hybrid viewfinder system that many photographers will love and really benefit from.

For anyone looking for a compact system camera, but who is put off by the compact camera-style build and handling of many other models available, the Fujifilm X-Pro1 could be the camera they have been waiting for – and it will save them the extra £3,600 required for a Leica M9.

Fujifilm X-Pro1 key highlights


The X-Pro1 features a dedicated hotshoe that is compatible with Fujifilm’s EF-42, EF-20 and EF-X20 flashguns

Eye sensor

This sensor turns on the electronic overlay, or electronic viewfinder, when the camera is held to the eye

RGBW screen array

The LCD screen features an RGBW array, meaning that as well as red, green and blue dots, it also has white ones. These extra white dots aid colour rendition and brightness.

Battery life

Although the white dots on the LCD screen make the screen brighter, they consume less power. In power save mode, using the optical viewfinder, Fujifilm claims that 1,000 shots are possible on a single charge.

In-camera raw conversion

It is possible to preview how an image will look with settings such as aperture, shutter speed and dynamic range optimiser applied – on-screen and in the viewfinder.

Shutter lag

Fujifilm claims just a 0.05sec shutter lag, even when shooting using the EVF.

Quick menu

This button displays a menu of all the exposure and image settings

EV dial

Conveniently located on the camera’s top-plate, the EV dial allows exposures to be quickly adjusted

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