It looks like a classic rangefinder, yet it features Fujifilm’s latest EXR technology and, controversially, a fixed-focus, non-interchangeable lens. So has the FinePix X100 really been worth the wait? We find out

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Fujifilm FinePix X100

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Fujifilm FinePix X100 review


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Dynamic range

Although we don’t currently have the hard data on the dynamic range values for the X100, its performance appears to be on a par with many of the entry-level DSLRs we have tested, suggesting a dynamic range of around 11EV. The EXR expansion modes allow this to be optimised. This performance certainly shows the benefit of using such a large sensor and is far better than most compact cameras could produce.

A low-light shot taken handheld at dusk. The image still shows impressive levels of detail with a full range of tones 1/55sec at f/5, ISO 3200, AWB

  1. 1. Introduction
  2. 2. Features
  3. 3. Build and Handling
  4. 4. White balance and Colour
  5. 5. Metering
  6. 6. Autofocus
  7. 7. Noise, Resolution and Sensitivity
  8. 8. Dynamic range
  9. 9. Viewfinder, LCD, Live View and Video
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