Is the DxO One the perfect camera upgrade for iPhone users? Andy Westlake finds out.

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DxO One Review – Autofocus

The DxO One uses a conventional contrast-detection system for autofocus, with the subject area selectable anywhere across the frame. Normally, the camera will try to select the subject automatically, prioritising faces when it detects them, but its choice can be overridden manually simply by tapping the screen.

Low-light image quality is impressive - this was shot at ISO 3,200 and f/1.7

Low-light image quality is impressive – this was shot at ISO 3,200 and f/1.7

Shot with DxO ONE

In normal lighting conditions autofocus is fast and accurate, and it’s only when light levels drop extremely low that it struggles, such as in dimly lit interiors and streetlight-illuminated night scenes. Even then, if you can point the camera at a sufficiently high-contrast edge, it will usually find focus. Manual-focus override is available if necessary too, using an on-screen slider and magnified view in the centre of the frame.

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