Sony’s latest premium compact camera features a 20x zoom and 18.2-million-pixel Exmor R sensor. Mat Gallagher finds out if the Sony Cyber-shot HX20V offers enough for the creative photographer

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Sony Cyber-shot HX20V

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Sony Cyber-shot HX20V review


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Sony Cyber-shot HX20V at a glance:

  • 18.2-million-pixel, 1/2.3in Exmor R CMOS sensor
  • 20x zoom (25-500mm equivalent)
  • Full HD (50p) video capture
  • GPS tracking
  • Street price: around £330

Cameras at the top end of the compact market have to work hard to maintain their positions, due to competition from less expensive compact system cameras and advanced point-and-shoot models. Loosely termed ‘travel compacts’, these models feature a range of creative options and typically long zooms.

Sony’s Cyber-shot HX range encapsulates these features with three models, comprising the HX20V on test here, a slightly lower-spec HX10V and a more bridge-styled HX200V. Both the HX10 and HX20 follow on from last year’s HX9V model, but feature a new higher-resolution sensor and, in the case of the HX20V, a longer 20x zoom.

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