Meet the smartest digital camera on the market - the new 16.3-million-pixel Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 that runs on Google's Android platform. Jon Devo tries it out. Read the Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 review...

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Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 review


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Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 review – Build and handling

Despite its large size, I like the look of the Galaxy Camera 2, particularly the black version, although I received the white one for test. Made from tough plastic, its brushed-metal-effect base and top-plate lend a classic touch to a contemporary device. The body of the camera also borrows the textured faux-leather look from the slightly more premium Samsung NX300.

The entire rear of the camera comprises the screen, so that’s where your thumb rests when shooting as you would with any other camera. Given the lack of other traditional camera ergonomics – aside from the grip – the design of the Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 lends itself towards its touchscreen controls.

It’s much faster and more intuitive to take advantage of the device’s touch focus and shooting functionality, which I found to be more responsive and accurate. I also liked the fact that you could set different points for exposure and focus using the touchscreen.

When it comes to portability, the omission of 3G/LTE on the latest model unfortunately compounds the impracticality of this device. It can’t be used as a standalone shoot-and-share device. Instead, to share images on the go, you have to use a second device if you’re not connected to Wi-Fi.

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