With the widest maximum aperture on the compact camera market and a set of features to rival a DSLR, Samsung’s EX1 wants to be the best enthusiast compact around.

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Samsung EX1


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Dynamic range and gamut

Being a compact camera the dynamic range of the EX1 will be slightly restricted, but the camera performs much better in the lab than most compact cameras.

A measured range of 12.3EV compares well to many DSLR cameras, but the slight overexposure built into the metering system makes prints of everyday scenes suggest the dynamic range is somewhat less impressive, as highlight areas seem to burn out too soon.

Adjusting the exposure with compensation or the use of the differently tuned spot meter makes a big difference in use, and gets the best from the sensor.

Image: A wider than usual dynamic range has preserved details very well in this contrasty scene

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  4. 4. White Balance and Colour
  5. 5. Metering
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  8. 8. Dynamic range and gamut
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