From film to digital, Ricoh’s GR series of cameras has been highly regarded by enthusiast photographers. We find out how the latest 10-million-pixel model and its AF system compares

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Ricoh GR Digital IV


Ricoh GR Digital IV review


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Viewfinder, LCD, live view and video

Another new addition to the features of the GR Digital range is the camera’s 3in, 1.23-million-dot LCD screen. This screen uses white pixels as well as RGB pixels, which is claimed to improve the brightness and colour rendition of the images, although I didn’t notice much of an improvement over a standard RGB screen.

An optional optical viewfinder is available, and some users may find this useful. I find the screen a more discreet way of taking images, although in bright sunshine it may be of use to some photographers.

Unfortunately, with Ricoh concentrating so heavily on making the GR Digital IV a true enthusiast photographer’s camera, little attention has been paid to the video mode, which is only 640×480 pixels in resolution.

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