From film to digital, Ricoh’s GR series of cameras has been highly regarded by enthusiast photographers. We find out how the latest 10-million-pixel model and its AF system compares

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Ricoh GR Digital IV


Ricoh GR Digital IV review


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Much like the rest of the camera, the GR Digital IV’s metering system behaves as I would expect it to. By this I mean that when in its multi-metering mode, it exposes images for highlights, often rendering the foreground in a landscape as completely in shadow. Of course, this is less of a concern when shooting travel or street images, but for many photographers it may be worth considering switching to centreweighted metering for some subjects.

Spot metering is a further option, and exposure compensation can be easily applied via the aforementioned rocker control switch on the rear of the camera.


Images:  There is a good amount of detail that can be retrieved from the shadows of raw files . Image left: JPEG, Image right: Raw edited

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