The CX4 brings enhanced image stabilisation and an electronic level to Ricoh’s CX compact cameras

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Ricoh’s CX4 keeps many of the impressive key features from the CX3. A 28-300mm (equivalent), 10.7x optical zoom lens is squeezed into a compact and modest 29.4mm deep body. The most notable ergonomic change is that the textured front handgrip has been removed and Ricoh has opted for the smooth body across the whole front, which is akin to the CX1. I prefer the textured front as the smooth front is quite slippery, although this is not a big issue with a small compact such as this.

An electronic level has been added that indicates to the user if the camera is being held level by both the display on screen or by an audible beep. I would recommend the display reminder because using a visual prompt is much more useful and the regular beep noise is grating.

A new option on the shooting mode dial is named creative mode selection (C). Prior to this it was the dynamic range (DR) mode. This change relays the additions of three new creative shooting modes of cross process, toy camera and soft focus. These effects offer fun shooting, with the toy camera mode giving a Lomo feel to an image while the soft focus mode enables more flattering portraits.

Added to the scene mode menu is night landscape multishot. A tripod is advisable in this mode as it processes multiple high-speed images into one image, resulting in low noise levels. The processing time for an image in this mode is around five seconds, which is slow, but I could create atmospheric shots of lamplit streets in the middle of the night.

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