As the last major manufacturer to join the enthusiast compact category, does Pentax deliver anything unique with the Pentax MX-1? Read the Pentax MX-1 review...

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Pentax MX-1 review – White balance and colour

The MX-1 offers bright, natural, vibrant, reversal film and monochrome colour options, with the former being its default setting. Together with the camera’s auto white balance system, this produces life-like rather than optimised images straight out of the camera, which is ideal from the perspective of accuracy but perhaps less so if images are to be used immediately. Some users may therefore wish to adjust colour settings in-camera to their own taste.

Although the AWB options include four separate settings for fluorescent sources, the AWB does a brilliant job under such conditions, rendering the presets largely unnecessary. Images can appear slightly overcooked under tungsten sources as standard, although having the option to correct these casts in two degrees in addition to the tungsten preset is useful.

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