With its predecessor having attained something of a cult status, Olympus’s latest high-end compact camera, the Stylus XZ-2, has a lot to live up to. Read the Olympus Stylus ZX-2 review...

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Olympus Stylus XZ-2

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Olympus Stylus XZ-2 review


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On a bright autumn day, I found that the XZ-2’s metering created fairly bright images, and on a couple of occasions I had to reduce the exposure slightly. Given the range of controls on the camera, this was pretty easy to do. One thing to note, however, is that by default, when the XZ-2 is set to its ESP evaluative metering mode, the AF point isn’t taken into consideration. This can be changed in the camera’s custom menu, but whether you prefer this feature to be switched on or off it is good to have the option in a camera such as this. I found that leaving the AF metering link switched off produces more predictable results when shooting landscape images.

When you combine the above custom function, the centreweighted, spot, and highlight and shadow spot metering, the Olympus XZ-2 has a comprehensive metering selection, making it ideal for enthusiast photographers demanding that little bit more from a compact camera. Of course, the iAuto mode, which selects the scene mode, exposure setting and metering itself, is always on hand for those just wanting to point and shoot.

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