Tim Coleman finds out how the Nikon Coolpix S1100pj builds on its predecessor, the groundbreaking, projector-wielding S1000pj compact camera

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The Projector

Image: The projector can now be used with a computer, which is useful for slideshows and presentations

It is the projector that is the S1100pj’s main point of interest. I really enjoyed taking an image and instantly projecting it large on a wall to view with friends and family, who also found it great fun.

At 14 lumens, the S1100pj’s projector is 40% brighter than that of its predecessor. An increase in brightness and resolution for moving and still images means the maximum projection size is up to 47in across the diagonal – not a vast change, but a welcome improvement.

However, the larger the image is displayed, the darker and less vibrant it becomes, so the space in which you can effectively use the projector remains limited, as before, to a darkened front room or office space. Manual focus is controlled by a new wheel on the top of the body, but the tilt function on the base is fiddly.

Whereas the S1000pj is limited to projecting images, the S1100pj can project computer files via a wired connection. This makes it a more versatile device as it can also be used for presentations. Images can be viewed by finger touch on the screen or by the included remote control, which is handy for slideshows and presentations.

It is a little disappointing, however, that the battery life remains the same, at one hour when using the projector.

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