Tim Coleman finds out how the Nikon Coolpix S1100pj builds on its predecessor, the groundbreaking, projector-wielding S1000pj compact camera

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The Camera

The Coolpix S1100pj has a similar feel to the earlier S1000pj, with only minor changes to the design, size and weight. It remains in essence a point-and-shoot camera, offering only auto controls for exposure, although ±2EV exposure compensation, white balance and ISO can be manually selected.

With a new 14.1MP sensor, the S1100pj offers an extra two million pixels over its predecessor but, while it packs more photosites onto the same size sensor, image quality has not been compromised.

However, it has not been improved, either, and at best remains satisfactory. Images are very noisy at ISO 1600 and above, so the camera is best used in daylight at lower sensitivities. In brighter daylight, images show pleasing tone.

Crisper videos are possible with the improved 720p HD video introduced into the S1100pj and, handily, the zoom function can be used while filming. There is also a built-in video light for low-light shooting.

Not only is the screen larger in this model at 3in, and boasts a higher 460,000-dot resolution, but it is also a touchscreen. Through this, Nikon has been able to make the camera’s operation much more intuitive in playback and shooting mode. The company has also introduced some new digital effects, including a basic paint tool for handwriting messages on images, and when combined with the projector they provide many fun and creative possibilities.

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