Damien Demolder tries to look beyond the wow factor of Nikon’s newest compact camera that can project images to 40in across a wall

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Nikon S1000pj

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Nikon S1000pj review


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It is very difficult to get around the fact that the projector element of this camera is breathtakingly spectacular, but once the initial ‘Wow!’ has died down it becomes clear that the projector is of less than perfect quality. Even so, simply as a means to show your pictures big on the wall, right after taking them, it is amazing.

There will be plenty of people, I know, who will declare they are not interested in having this kind of technology in a camera, but I do hope Nikon sticks with it and brings it into more advanced products. It’s true that you can buy a small personal projector and a digital camera separately for about the same price, but there’s not nearly the same amount of fun in that.

In time, it will be possible to use a higher resolution and more powerful projector, and one that has automatic shape and colour corrections, but for now this is a great start. I wonder what we will see it in next: DSLRs, perhaps?

Above right: I had to remove some green and cyan to get a nice colour balance for this early morning scene. Above left: At small print sizes image quality is fine, but when enlarged the soft, smeared edge detail became noticeable




Output Size:4000x3000 pixels
LCD:2.7in LCD with 230,000 dots
Sensor:12.1 million effective pixels
Power:Rechargeable Lithium-Ion
Lens:28-140mm (equivalent) f/3.9-5.8
ISO:80-1600 (plus ISO 3200 and 6400 at 3MP resolution)
Memory Card:Secure Digital
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